About Us

Michael Roark Jr became interested in honey bees after his first year of a dismal yield from some of his garden vegetables. He knew lack of pollination was the cause and although he had a half acre of clover in full bloom in his front yard, there were hardly any bees.

He and Amy, his wife, decided to purchase two bee hives as a solution to his pollination problems. It didn’t take long for them to get hooked on beekeeping. The number of hives grew quickly over the next few years and the last count was over 600 colonies.

2016 marked a milestone for the couple as they opened "Roark Acres Honey House" in Jenks & added a new partner. Keeping it all in the family, Michael's brother Scott joined in on the fun. Michael & Scott do most of the hard labor but when it comes to pulling honey & extracting it is all hands on deck. Michael & Amy's youngest daughter, Chloe also works the bees, has her own hives & even has her own label. School is of course her main priority but she is a beekeeper at heart. Penny, Amy's mom, will greet you with a smile when you visit the store. You will find Amy there too, handcrafting the health & Beauty products they sell or getting ready for another Farmer's Market, trade show or festival.  

The Roarks produce delicious pure, local honey, mouthwatering creamed honey, pollen, beeswax candles, soap, lotions and lip balms. Plus there are always new items in the works.