5 lbs Raw, Unfiltered, Unpasteurized Oklahoma Honey

5 lbs of Roark Acres's finest Oklahoma Honey in an easy to use large mouth sturdy plastic container. 

OkieHoney is a Wildflower honey produced by our bees in and around Tulsa Oklahoma. Responsibly harvested, without pasteurization, leaves our honey with a flavor unique to Northeaster Oklahoma. 

Roark Acres OkieHoney is pure, raw, and unprocessed. We take great care to ensure that from hive to bottle, our honey maintains all of the pollens, trace minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and enzymes naturally found in pure, raw, honey!

Okiehoney is lightly strained and never force filtered, leaving all of the pollen honey contains right where the bees left it.

OkieHoney is kosher. It is cholesterol, fat, gluten, and sodium free.

Raw honey will crystallize more quickly than honey which has been pasteurized. Honey that has crystallized has not gone bad and can easily be reliquified by gently warming in a hot water bath. 

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