Handmade Bee Earrings By Desi Kelsch

Locally handmade earrings by Desi Kelsch. Each pair is truly one of a kind!

About the Artist:

I grew up around art. We were always pushing my mom's latest art project aside to eat dinner. My mom nurtured my creative side as a young child. I did my first craft show at age 7 with Shrinky Dink necklaces. I continued to create throughout my life and I became a graphic artist because you could actually make a living doing that rather than ending up a "starving artist". But as I got older, that siren song of being a maker lured me back. My mom is gone now but I'd like to say she is my muse, always encouraging me to continue my journey to create art.

"Art is when you feel a knocking at your soul and you answer it." - Star Riches

I continue to answer the knock at that door every day, eagerly looking forward to what might be on the other side.

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