Amelia Creamery

Their Philosophy

Traveling throughout Europe for many years, we fell in love with French Yogurt. This yogurt is very similar to what our European grandmothers used to make at home when we were kids.

Visiting small artisanal creameries in France, we learned the ancient technique of producing the world’s best Yogurt. We then began making it for our own consumption, using only fresh whole milk from small local dairies, pro-biotic bacterias, natural fruits, raw sugar from sugar cane and high quality honey. The result is a light creamy indulgence without the acidic taste of commercial Yogurt.

For generations, the families of both Tony and Maria have considered dairy products an important part of their diet and nutrition and yogurt is still consumed every day. When the Barros’ first moved to the United States, it was difficult to find a yogurt they loved, so they began making their own. Frequently traveling to France, Tony developed friendships with a few traditional yogurt craftsmen and learned how to make the world’s best yogurt.   “French Style Yogurt” is a creamy, non-tart, rich yogurt, made with whole milk and a selection of pro-biotic cultured bacteria. The French have been crafting this treat for centuries and they are proud of their dairy products.

That’s how Amelia Creamery was born. Named after our first granddaughter, Amelia, set out to create the most indulgent French Yogurt in the US.


They are a great family with a wonderful story. We want to support them in their success. Currently, we are offering all of their flavors in their adorable clay jars as well!  You will not be disappointed!

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