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Bee-rific Bar: 

Pronounced like terrific, the bee-rific bar is just that, it’s terrific! With chocolate, almonds, and shaved toffee, this bar blows the competition out of the water. Most companies will use ShellacBentonite, and wax in their chocolate. Taste how pure chocolate is supposed to taste with bee-rific!  

Bee Energy Bar:

This bee energy bar contains energy from bees! Sweetened with honey, energized with royal jelly and ginseng, then dipped in healthy dark chocolate – there’s nothing else like it. We use royal jelly, which is a honey bee secretion packed with healthy benefits, to make you the perfect energy bar. Other healthy ingredients include diced almonds, sliced cranberries, shredded coconut, organic gluten-free rolled oats, and organic ginseng.

Bee Joyful:

Try our BeeJoyful Bar today! An all-natural mix of almonds, coconut, honey, and dark chocolate, this bar is like a mix between an Almond Joy and a Mounds. Enjoy a more natural version of both today!



They are NOT Dairy Free and have been manufactured in a facility containing nuts.


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