Big Dipper - Ice Cream & Sandwiches

The Big Dipper's tale began in Portland, where Sami and Brian worked on a chestnut farm. It was during this time that Sami had her first encounter with small-batch, locally made ice cream. She worked at a local ice cream shop in 2012, and it was there that the inspiration and passion for the Big Dipper were born.

Fast forward to 2017, in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Sami is teaching kindergarten, but there's a stirring sense of adventure that never entirely left her. That seed of the Big Dipper from so long ago was still growing. And now, the time had come to give it a chance. Sami bought a 3-quart batch freezer off the internet and dove into the creative culinary process.

Sami made her first batch of ice cream in a spare bedroom with a 30-year-old, 200 lb. batch freezer.  This allowed Sami to begin her professional career as a confectioner. It was here that her ice cream cart business began.

Making small-batch at the Kitchen 66 in downtown Tulsa, Sami would bring the ice cream and her cart to local events and the farmer's market. It was far more work than money, but it paid in the coin of dreams that she would own an ice cream shop one day. 

And now, that dream is a reality. Welcome to the Big Dipper. 

You will not be disappointed!

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