Creamed Honey 3, 6, or 9 piece Gift Box

Create your own gift box with up to 3 different flavors of Creamed Honey!  We make these gift boxes ourselves using lumber leftover from our hive body (bee box) building process. Let nothing go to waste! 

Creamed honey is spreadable crystalized honey. The 11 different flavors we have are created by infusing real fruits and or spaces into the honey as it is rapidly crystallizing. We use no artificial ingredients! Each jar holds 6oz of spreadable yummy goodness.

Orders received by 12/15 for Christmas Delivery! The pictured baskets are examples. Each basked it made to order will differ slightly from pictured baskets.6


The gift set pictured is an example of the finished product. What you receive will vary slightly based on the flavors you chose and the packaging process.

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