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After serving in the Italian Army during World War I, our grandfather came to America, the “Land of Opportunity”, to forge a new life for his family.  With that they brought the tastes and recipes of the “old country” with them.  “Easy Peasy” Marinara & Meatball Mix is one of them that I want to share my heritage with you and your family.

The problem with Italian red sauce or marinara is that it takes over a dozen ingredients and hours to make it properly.  But who has the components or time these days?  So, we decided to take our over 200-year-old, Traditional Calabrese (located near the “bunion” of the Italian boot) family recipe and make it into an “Easy Peasy” home version for you.  In this one package are two blended seasoning packets which make both recipes, the marinara & meatballs. Once prepared, the recipes on the package will feed 4-6 people, or 2 college football players.

“Easy Peasy” Marinara & Meatball mix will be a wonderful staple in your pantry and is only the start of what you can create.  Once you have the marinara simmering you can add your favorite veggies; mushrooms, bell peppers, carrots or sliced black olives!  Think outside of the box, literally!  Use your imagination or the many recipes on our website to create interesting meals for your friends and family all starting with this small box of our traditional seasonings.  My favorites are the Minestrone Soup with Fresh Artichoke or the traditional Meatball Lasagna, always a crowd pleaser!

“Easy Peasy” Marinara & Meatball Mix makes a wonderful gift idea for a child going off to college, expectant mothers, bachelors, house warming for new neighbors or that first apartment and anyone who wants to start cooking the “Easy Peasy” way!

Enjoy the easy cooking experience and amazing smells that will fill your home.

“Mangia, Mangia”  (That’s “Eat up, Eat up” in Italian)!

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