Minnesota Clover Honey ~ Plastic Bear Squeeze Bottle

12oz or 24oz of Pure Minnesota honey

 While we can't make any single source honey (i.e. Clover) here in Oklahoma, we love to partner with other small beekeepers to offer their varieties when we can. In this case, you are supporting another local Oklahoma company that takes their bees up North to pollinate & forage as it is very hard here in Oklahoma to make honey.  This company is out of Pryor Creek, OK. They take their bees up North early spring through summer, then bring the hives back here where they winter over until next year. They extract & drum up the honey & sell it to larger companies who use that honey as an ingredient for other products.  Or to us smaller farms to retail on our shelves. 

*Clover is lighter in color. It has a sweet taste with a little bite to it.  Clover is the most popular & prevalent honey found on store shelves today. 

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