The Crooked Shed Homestead

The Crooked Shed is a small family farm on 35 acres of beautiful Oklahoma pasture and woods. Started in 2013 by a couple of city kids gone rogue who just wanted to raise a few cattle on family land. Now, six years on, this hobby has evolved into a UDSA inspected and fully licensed supplier of Dorper Lamb, Irish Dexter Beef, pasture raised pork, and LOTS of free range laying hens. We participate in a weekly farmers market in Tulsa and have built a large base of loyal customers and friends. We strive to grow the best product without the use of any pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones, or anything else that just shouldn't be in our food. We are sure you will taste the difference! For a little more on our story please see the nice article about us in the Tulsa World from a couple of summers ago.

  • We raise "truly" free range chickens. Never confined to special chicken tractors or electric nets our chickens are free to roam and forage throughout the entire acreage of our farm. They put themselves to bed at night in their coops and start their free forage every morning, usually before we are even up and about...... True freedom makes fantastic eggs!

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