Vented Beekeeping Jacket with Veil

Michael Roark started beekeeping in a vented bee suit and if we're being 100% honest he might not be a beekeeper today if it weren't for that vented suit. Cotton bee suits get wet with sweat and stick to your body. Once that fabric clings to your body it provides little protection from stings.

Our vented Jackets are lightweight and designed with 3 layers of material. The outer and inner layers are made of a poly mesh. In between those two layers is a spongy material. This material provides a gap that is just wider than a bee's stinger is long. Does this prevent all stings? Sadly it does not.  However, it dramatically reduces the number of stingers who strike.

Our jackets are lightweight, yet sturdy. Long enough so that you can raise your hands above your head and not expose your belly! That summer breeze you're often begging for goes right through them. What does that mean for you? It means a much cooler beekeeping experience. No sweety cotton suit sticking to you like glue and keeping the cool out!

  • 1 layer of foam mesh sandwiched between 2 layers of poly mesh
  • The vented fabric allows body heat to escape and cool breezes to pass through
  • Just the right width to prevent most stings
  • The hood is designed for visibility. An extra panel of screen provides much more peripheral vision.


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